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Best Prices - Always a Consultative Sale

SLPowers is not one of those big mail order houses but we beat their prices on WatchGuard products and renewals everyday. As a premier partner for over 10 years, we work closely with WatchGuard to meet our client's needs and budget. We are also able to access additional discounts that are not available to the larger mass merchandisers.

Get it Right the First Time

When you are talking to SLPowers, you're talking to a WatchGuard Expert Partner. This means that we not only have the technical expertise to assist you in designing and deploying your WatchGuard solution but when you're simply ordering products from us, we understand the full product line and will be sure your order is right - the first time.

Discounts on Training

We want your WatchGuard business and we're willing to heavily discount our training classes to get it. If you are in need of training and will be making a purchase of WatchGuard products, SLPowers will make you a "package deal" and show you why so many clients make SLPowers their preferred WatchGuard vendor.

Emergency Response

SLPowers has locations throughout the U.S. and we stock a number of WatchGuard products. Although WatchGuard has excellent service and fast-turnaround times on their warrantied appliance, if a WatchGuard product that you've purchased from SLPowers ever fails, we'll bend over backwards to assist you in getting back up and running as quickly as possible. Under certain circumstances, we've even been able to provide loaner equipment for a few days.

Don't want to own it?

Security is a big responsibility. Many companies want security but don't want the responsibility of deploying, managing and ultimately owning it. SLPowers is a WatchGuard Managed Security Service Provider. As such, we can make your company's security easy to enjoy at an affordable flat monthly fee, without the hassles of owning and managing the security yourself. For more information, please visit our MSSP page.



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"Enjoyed your class very much. Particularly your instructors flexibility to apply the courseware to my personal equipment and situation. "

- R. Darkins         
Rocky Mount, NC